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Homework Help: Telescopic bearings

  1. Feb 16, 2015 #1
    Hey there,

    I designed a telescopic arm and i need to know which kind of bearing is best to use for. the telescopic arm full length is 1M and it has 3 "arms".
    *I know i need to show progress in my homework according to PF rules, but im having trouble uploading it here. Please help me, i need to help with this.
    If there is any extra information needed, please tell me and i will add it.

    thanks in advance,
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    Bearings are designed to reduce friction. Friction forces are directional so the type of bearing usually depends on the direction of the load. The shape of the arm and the way it needs to move will also matter. Some types of bearing need parts to be more accurately machined than others. In short you will need to provide a lot more info before a recommendation can be made.

    I'm away from my normal PC and may not be able to access the forum for a few days.
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