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Tell me about the people in your most recent classes

  1. Aug 24, 2012 #1
    Math and science tend to attract weirdos. The brilliant, the odd, the brilliantly odd people. Tell me about them.

    Most recent physics class:
    -Crazy dude. Argued with teacher all the time. Was kicked off internet discussion page because of mean comments towards others. Was always muttering to himself. Was an absolute jerk to most people. Approached me randomly asking if I was talking about him.
    -Home schooled chick. She got the highest grade in the class, by far. She was smart as hell. For example, the second test she got the highest grade, I got second highest. She got a 97%. I got an 81%. She was still in high school too. Youngest in class. She'll be just fine.

    How about you? Who in your classes are weird, brilliant, notable, cool?
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