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Tell me about your computational science job

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    I'm thinking of getting into computational science / scientific computing. If anyone here works in the industry and would like to tell me about their work (now or in the past) I'd appreciate it. Even if you don't work in the field, but have a computational science related degree, I'd love to hear about your job.

    Ideally I'd love if you could just pimp your job. If you don't have time for free form prose, here are some specific questions: What's your academic background? What do you work with, and where? What's your current project? Do you like your job? What about job security? Prospects for advancement? Salary? (that's perhaps a sensitive question, but a ball park figure is perhaps possible?) Age discrimination? If you could go back several years, would you still try to get into this field? Finally, any advice you can give for us still in school?

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