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Tell me what is quantum theory?

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    dear reader,
    can any one tell me what is quantum theory? and what is time sciendifically?
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    Those are questions that are very very broad.

    QT simply describes the behavior of matter at a very small scale.

    Time is not agreed upon by the scientific community, so I would have to tell you multiple theories. (From, it's a bending of three physical dimensions to time doesn't exist.)
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    Quantum theory is a description of the universe (especially significant at small scales) based on inherent discrete lumpiness of energy and matter. Which leads to all sorts of wierd stuff that are strange yet found to be true.
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    What's space-time (sorry quantum gravitists) got to do with quantum theory?
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    Personally...I have no idea

    The second part of the question was about time so I posted that article as it makes interesting reading.
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    Good overview of quantum theory:


    You can/will spend hours going through the links there and their links -- quantum theory covers a LOT of ground! Just remember, if it seems simple you didn't get it!

    From the same source, about time:


    Click on the links in the sections "Time in engineering and applied physics" and "Time in philosophy and theoretical physics" for some specific theories that may be helpful.

    - Gary
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