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    Is it possible that we are the result of matter which follows a certain set of rules?
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    Yes it is possible.
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    Where did the matter and the rules come from?
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    does it matter?
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    It is not possible. No set of rules exists which can account for all phenomena not yet observed, no matter how good those rules are at explaining phenomena already observed.
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    He didn't say the rules were known. The as yet unknown phenomena could be the result of as yet unknown rules, in coordination with those already known.
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    As yet unknown phenomena? If we don't know the phenomena, why should we be expected to explain it? Of course it's possible that man arose simply as the result of material interactions. I'm not saying that's what happened, but how can you exclude the possibility?
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    Rules exist for a set of phenomena not yet observed. One, those phenomena not YET observed still occur without our knowledge of them. They occur according to a certain natural law the exists whether or not we notice its existence. that is why we discover new laws; they are pre-existing.
  10. Apr 26, 2004 #9
    From what scientists know so far, it is possible that we are merely matter destined to follow rules. However, within these rules there is a lot uncertainty (I mean at a Quantum level) as to the exact positioning of particles etc. that cannot be resolved.
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    i believe that we have agreed to follow certain rules within the physical. i suspect, however, that they are not the rules that we consider scientific. rather that we agree to include the physical laws within our starting point.

    is there really chaos at the QM level?? what if, rather than chaos we see all probabilities to an event??? is that chaos? once again, the viewer or actor actualizes the percieved event. untangling, as it were, all the probable threads into a chronologically understandable reality.

    while viewing, we introduce all our individual biases and expectations to see the thread of our choosing.

    love & peace,
    olde drunk
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    Actually that isn't quite true. Have you read 'The Laws of Form' by mathematician George Spencer-Brown?
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