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News Tell me whats wrong with this

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    ok can anyone tell me what is wrong with my theory.
    Any country that can put satellites into space and has nuclear weapons could possiblely do this.

    Firstly build a sattleite missle defense system.

    Then threaten everyone, MAD loses its effect because the country is invurneable.

    Finally create a world government.
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    yeah, probably could.
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    The widespread knowledge of and agreement with that logic is why Star Wars has been called first-strike technology since March 23, 1983.
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    weapons in space wont save you from boots on the ground, no matter what the country in question is.
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    The neutron bomb was purportedly developed to address this issue.
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    so, my idea would work :devil:

    now i just need a politiction i can use to put my plans into action.
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    i was just trying to beat the 10 characters thing in my last post. wah hahahahaha.
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    That wouldn't work.

    Maybe you do get a satellite defense system. We could still kick it old school and fit a nuke into a plane if need be and drop it Enola Gay style.

    And besides, even if you had a totally flawless nuclear defense, what authority would that grant you to form a world government?
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    no they would have a missile defence so that they could shot down nukes coming at them
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    Yeah, re-read your initial post and edited mine to suit it...
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    The fact that you can blow up anyone without them being able to blow you up.
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    Enola Gay.

    And even if you can knock out all planes, someone could still bring a biological or chemical agent in by automobile and mess up your country pretty bad.
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    I saw an item today, touted as a potential plasma drive for vehicles going to Mars. They were talking enough of a pulse to make a 50 day trip of it. Then they showed the satellites reflecting the pulse, or whatever they were doing, and it sure looked like a weapon to me.
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    Well you'd need a large amount of these systems to make any difference.
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