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Telluric current

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    Is there any reason that Telluric Currents can not used by us (humans) for electricity, or has anyone even looked into that? I know there is a Sci-Fi movie about using Telluric Currents.
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    Some people have patented the idea called earth batteries:


    While I couldn't find any details on telluric current strength, the article did mention that its not always reliable and that for greater potential difference you need the electrodes farther away and deeper in the ground.
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    Hydro,solar and wind energies are more available,reliable and better to tap into.
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    I believe this is a sample of pseudo science. If I were to place copper and zinc plates in salt water, dilute acid solution, or dilute alkaline solution, I'd get the same effect. It would not matter whether the plates were oriented North, South, East, or West. I could even place them one above another, because what has been described is the common battery. Wet dirt with the slightest ionic contaminate is the electrolyte, and the zinc electrode will be sacrificed as the current flows.
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