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Telomere assignment for biology

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    Hi, I'm doing a telomere assignment for biology, and i have a few questions.

    1) are they called "telomers" or "telomeres"?
    2) when and by whom were they discovered? (i've looked everywhere!!!!!)

    Thank, you. and i must say, those things are fascinating!!
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    K. This is what I've found, and they're telomeres.

    I don't know if this is what you're looking for...
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    thanx...not very specific (i.e. year, place) but better than i can do :)
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    The existence of telomeres has been known for a long time, only recently has there begun to be some theorizing about what their function is. I have no idea when or by whom they were first discovered though. Sorry. :frown:
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    write something like this link

    your teacher will give you A+, remmeber to include the amino acid chains of each species--the telomeric repeats i means
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    I just finished a report on telomeres (just the basic stuff). Would anyone be willing to read it over and give some feedback? Thanx A LOT!!

    P.S. I'm asking this only because I don't know what the rules on this forum are with respect to this. I don't want someone to read and rewrite it...i just want some feedback
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