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Temp and kinetic th

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    [SOLVED] temp and kinetic th

    Just 2 quick questions that i may ask which will help me solve for my problems i am working on.

    1) In order to double the avg speed of molecules in a simple gas, the temp(in K) must be double also right?

    2) And if a ideal gas is compressed slowly to 1/2 its origianl volume with no temp change then the avg speed also is 1/2.

    i cant find where i read that at but working on these two problems i have i want to make sure that these 2 questions i am asking you guys are right so i can answer my two prblems i am working on.

    Dx :wink:
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    Heres the equation for average velocity of ideal gas molecules... U can take it from there

    Vrms=[squ]3RT/M where M is molecular mass and R is 8.31

    For the second one, if there is no temperature change, then there is no change in avg velocity since it is only dependant on temperature and the problem states that temperature is held constant
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