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Homework Help: Temp water boils

  1. May 19, 2003 #1
    What temperature will water boils on top of Mt. Kilamanjaro (elevation 5895m)..........

    This answer should be 80.3 degree celsius...How did they get this...?
    I have my thermo and fliud tables but I cannot seems to figure this one...

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    Isn't the boiling point dependant on the pressure the liquid is under, since liquids boil when the tiny gas-bubbles that form all the time at random are pressurized enough to stay and grow, rather than being instantly crushed?

    I guess I'd just look that up on a table or a PVT diagram.. I hear that you need a gigantic messy system of equations to approximate water's state transitions, and everyone just uses tables
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    Standard altitude table says that at 5900m:

    p = 4.7867 E4 N/m^2

    Consulting a Saturated Water-Pressure table for 50kPa (closest value) gives 81.33 degrees C as saturation temperature.

    40kPa -> 75.87 C

    You can interpolate back from there.
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