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Temperal Displacement

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    Temporal Displacement

    Is temporal displacement the same as linear displacement?

    as we know

    ΔΧ = Χf - χo = linear displacement

    the way i interept Temporal Displacement is that when we travel ( for arguments sake) a wormhole. Time will slow down because

    f = force of travelling through the wormhole

    ΔΧ = Χf

    Χf speed at which travelling at

    As we know linear displacement is the distance so that when we travel through a wormhole , time stops for a peroid whereby when travelling through the wormwhole, we can work out a time of which reaching the other side of the wormhole and work out the time and distance travelled between earth and another planet. Time must stop during going through the wormhole because we are travelling into another dimension whereby time has to like go back to normal. As we know black holes have a gravity force so strong that light cant escape it. When a black hole e.g. on an course on the outside of the planet, time slows down. this is due to that the black hole is absorbing the planet and that light and time is trying to escape.

    This is all theorectical. I may be right i maybe wrong. just need some help with Temporal Displacement understanding. any help would be apprecated thanks.
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