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Homework Help: Temperature and frequency in an organ pipe

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    The frequency of the note [tex]{\rm F}_4[/tex] is [tex]f_F[/tex].

    1. If an organ pipe is open at one end and closed at the other, what length must it have for its fundamental mode to produce this note at a temperature of T? The speed of sound is [tex]v_s[/tex].

    I used the equation [tex]f_n = \frac{nv}{4L}[/tex]. Plugging in known values resulted in [tex]L = \frac{1}{4}\frac{v_s}{f_F}[/tex]. This is correct.

    2. At what air temperature will the frequency be f? (Ignore the change in length of the pipe due to the temperature change.)

    I have no idea how to start this.
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    will the frequency be f? What's the value of f?

    I know the speed of sound varies at different temperatures. Our book/teacher never gave us a formula though. Velocity of sound is given by v = sqrt(B/rho). Where B is the bulk modulus of air and rho is the density. So if you can figure out how B and rho varie with temperature you should get somewhere.

    Maybe someone else can help further...
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    You're right about temperature affecting velocity; my book made explicit mention of that.

    But, it, too gave no formula for this type of problem in the respective section.
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    I asked my professor and he gave an equation where frequency is 331 + 0.6T.

    I tried this, but was unsuccessful.

    How do I get wavelength from this?
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