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Temperature and heat energy

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    If I have amount of hydrogen and Oxygen combined together after a reaction it will produce water and heat. How can I measure the temperature of this heat energy?

    Now.I have
    1) heat capacity (Cth) of H2 and O2.
    2) the mass (m) of H2 and O2 combined together (in moles and grams)
    3) Heat energy (Qth) of this process

    I tried

    Qth = m Cth + delta (tC)

    but that just gives me the difference in temperature ...

    Could you please explain if I have something missing and Could you illustrate with an example.

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    The reactants 2H2 + O2 combine to form the product 2H2O. So one would need the heat capacity of H2O.

    What is the starting temperature of the H2 and O2?

    Q = m cP ∆T, where ∆T = Tf - Ti.
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