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Homework Help: Temperature conversions

  1. Sep 18, 2007 #1
    Why I cannot convert 1 K to say 1 F using these conversions:
    =1 K * (1 C/ 274.15 K) * (33.8 F / 1 C )?

    I get correct answer only if I substitute F in K-C formula for C:
    T(K) = {5/9[T(F) -32]}+273.15


    P.S. just solved another question using the conversion units provided ..
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    You want to convert degrees K to degrees F? Each of these temperature scales have linear offsets with respect to each other. The K and C scales have the same step per degree, but are offset from each other. The K and F scales have different steps (lke the 5/9 factor that you list in the answer), and they are offset. That is why you need to use an equation more like the 2nd one to convert from F to K and visa-versa.
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    I thought of that..
    but as all other units co-incidently can be converted using that first way, so I got confused...
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