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Homework Help: Temperature/Ideal Gas Law

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    I'm kinda stuck with these problems... can somebody plz help?
    1) What is the average distance between nitrogen molecules at STP?
    I know that at STP: T=273K, P=1atm=1.013 x 10^5 N/m^2. How would I start solving this proble?

    2) The lowest pressure attainable using the best available vacuum techniques is about 10^-12 N/m^2. At such a pressure, how many molecules are there per cm^3 at 0 degree Celsius?
    I think you use the Ideal Gas Law: PV=NkT but then how would u get the amount of molecules?
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    1. Do you know an equation that relates some property of the gas to the set of conditions {T,P} ?

    2. What do the different terms in the equation refer to ?
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