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Temperature of a liquid and solubility of a gas

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    I am looking for a formula that would relate temperature and solubility of a gas.

    I know that solubility has an inverse relationship and I also know that as the tempurature of water increases from 0 C to around 30 C, the solubility of a gas in the water decreases to about half.

    Surely there is a formula that is more accurate than this.

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    Also, what would make one gas be more soluble than another.

    For examplle the diffusion rate of CO2 is .86 that of O2, given that rate is inversly porportional to the square root of the molar mass. But, CO2 appears to be diffusion faster b/c it is more soluble.

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    Two phase mixture equilibria? No "formula." Measure and fit the data. Solubilities can increase or decrease with temperature (He is an example). Is there something more specific you're seeking?
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