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Temperature of dilution

  1. Feb 11, 2014 #1
    Hi there

    If I have 2.5% H3PO4 at 353 degrees C and I need to bring the solution down to 100 degrees C only by adding any amount water, how do I go about the thermo calculation? I need final temperature and amount of water (thus final concentration... likely <0.1 M? ) Heat capacity approaches 1 as concentration approaches 0, and the heat of dilution approaches 0 in the same way. Thanks for any advice.
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    That's just a heat balance, but as you start close to critical point the main problem is that the heat capacity changes. Instead of using q=mcΔT you need to use

    [tex]q = m\int c dT[/tex]

    and integrate from Tstart to Tfinal.
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