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Homework Help: Temperatures of Mixtures

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    Hi. In a year 11 physics class, i have been learning about heat. Today, we learned how to calculate the final temperature of a mixture of 2 different substantes.

    The example we were given was the calculation of the tempreature of a mixture of 2.2kg of ice (-16 degrees celcius), and 0.4kg of steam (104 degrees celcius). I know how to work through the question to get the correct answer, which if i remember correctly, was approximately 24.6 degrees.

    If somebody doesnt mind, could you please go through the question, explaining WHY things happen. Thats what im finding hard, understanding why things happen, and understanding the theory behind it all.

    Thanks for the help.
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    you have already told that you know how to calculate. Please show your work if you need a homework help.
    But I assume your question is to understand the science behind it. This is as per the law that - heat gained by the cold body is heat lost by hot body - a result of energy conservation principle.
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