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Tempering simulator

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    I am working on a senior project entitled"Design and manufacturing a heat treatment furnace", and before designing process, I need a simulation software that we can give inputs like the steel type of the piece that is need to be hardened, the thik of it, hardness degree required, and then the software can tells us the temperature required and the holding time in the furnace, and other information required.And also the same requirements for tempering process.
    please i need it as soon as possible and thanx for all.
    any other information in the field will be useful.
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    I take it you just need a database of some sort, rather than an actual simulation?
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    thanx brewong for your reply
    I dont have a related database , so please if you have any links or sites write them down.
    but I am still want a simulator to strengthening and support the senior project that we work on it.
    and thanx for all
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