Temporary Rape

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    Perhaps a better translation would have been 'un-premeditated.
    The US has different penalties for premeditated and un-premeditated murder, that doesn't mean murder isn't bad.
  3. Yeah that's just what I got out of the article as well... Even here in Canada premeditated and unpremeditated are used... Neither crime is lesser than the other though.

    For murder the difference between first and second degree murder is only if it's premeditated. The punishment is the same aside from the fact for second degree you can parole earlier.
  4. It would probably be more accurately described as 'date rape' which is not usually premeditated.
  5. I guess they meant it was not premeditated. I don't think rape should be a crime that makes that distinction though. I always find stories like this disturbing.
  6. It's also the woman's responsibility to protect her body from being violated. To be drunk like a hog and cry rape diminishes the effectiveness of the case and presents irresponsible social behavior on part of the woman. Although i do not condone the crime, I think the judgement is justified examining the premise of the case.
  7. You've never been drunk enough that you just want to pass out huh?
    I think this is a rediculous statement. You obviously shouldn't be going off and getting drunk with some random creepy guy or alone but she wasn't. She was with a friend and two police officers who then proceeded to gang rape her. Regardless of if the rape was premeditated or not the punishment should still fall under gang rape; which has a much stiffer punishment then whatever this clown of a judge gave the 2 police officers.

    When I first read your post I couldn't even believe what I was reading. You must be one of those lonely kids who never went out and partied now you're mad at the world huh? It's either that or your culture forbids you to drink alchohol yet for some reason you're still mad at the world.

    This type of defense can work in nearly every case of rape... "Well I told you your boyfriend was a creepy guy; you should have stayed away!", "Well you wouldn't have gotten slipped those drugs if you didn't go out to that party...", "Well don't drink and socialize! It's a rape crime waiting to happen".

    Yes, some situations probably could have been avoided but it is in no way, shape or form the girls fault that she gets raped... unless of course the guy says "come here I'm going to rape you."
  8. What a ridiculous argument. Although women should be careful, just like a man should be careful to avoid a mugging. That doesn't at all diminish the crime. Women can not go through life avoiding every man or social situation and never learn to trust someone. She should have been able to trust these men. They were friends and representatives of law and order. They should have acted like men, and protectors of the law and ensured that their friend made it home safely. I just hope the she learns what she needs to from this terrible situation, and that she overcomes the life-altering trauma both physical and mental that this kind of thing can cause to a young lady.
  9. I'm not mad at the world as one OP has pointed out. I do not condone the crime as stated earlier. I've been mis-understood in this context. I agree my views are conservative but definitely not to the extent as to invite some ppl's wrath!
  10. Man, some poor girl got raped by two police officers who were giving the impression they were going to help her get home safely because she had a bit too much to drink. You come here with your so called 'conservative' views and attempt to shift the blame from the oh-so-poor police officers and put it onto the girl in question.

    That's pathetic. These two police officers deserve to get punished by the law to the fullest extent and then some.

    Let me make sure this is crystal clear. They were two police officers.
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    They will be - a full investigation by their colleagues followed by a two week suspension on full pay.

    That was probably where the confusion arose:
    >Sarge - this girl's passed out on the bed
    Well then, what do we do?
    >Tazer her sarge?
    Good start - then what
    No - what do you do with a naked unconscious girl on a bed?
    >Shoot her and claim she looked like a terrorist?
  12. I consider myself a conservative and this is not a situation where the girl put herself into a dangerous situation. She was taken advantage of by those she should have been able to trust.
  13. She was only temporarily raped? So after a while the raping wore off and she became unraped?
  14. Beats me!! :tongue:
  15. Okay! this part cannot be overlooked. I think I've been too harsh on the girl. Thanx for the collective assault anyways :biggrin:
  16. Please note that I was assaulting your opinion only. You, yourself are probably an OK person. :biggrin:
  17. Thanx for the reminder..I feel all so elated :wink:
  18. It's my responsibility to not do something as stupid as walking alone through gang territory. If I'm murdered for my wallet, it's partially my fault. I should have known better. All true.

    Gee, I guess my murderers should get a lighter sentence because I did something I shouldn't have. I should be taken out of the gene pool anyway for using such logic.

    Phew!!... that should make many ppl on this forum happy! :devil:
  20. I hope you're not being serious. This is way over the top as a punishment; maybe it's what they deserve but it's not in accordance with the law.

    lol just joking
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