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Tendencies towards doomerism

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    This whole 2012 end of the world nonsense really makes me wonder, is this tendency for the general public in the US to buy into doomsday prophecies unique to the US, or are there also large numbers of people in Europe (or other western countries) who believe in all the doom theories?

    Note, I'm not talking about cults, just the tendency for the general public to believe in this stuff. Have there been studies done about this?
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    I'd be curious to know too. I'd tend to guess yes, partly because of the relationship with religious gullibility in the US.
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    I havn't heard of this so i guess not, i have heard a few bits and peices about this kind of thing mailny at school but everyone dismisses it as nonsence. Im from the UK by the way.
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    Does the "general public" really believe the world is going to end in 2012. I've experienced hearsay of this for a while now and heard a lot of people mentioned they'd also heard of the idea, but I've yet to meet anyone that actually bought into it and believed doomsday was nigh.
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