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Tennis racquet swingweight

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    I'am a scientific student in Paris / France.
    I am doing a small research about the importance of the swingweight (= Moment Of Inertia) of tennis rackets with 3 goals :
    . to define a calculation model to simulate the swingweight and to calculate the impact of adding small weights (lead) on the racket
    . to check this model with existing swingweight measurement tools (that I can't afford)
    . to build a small experience to approximate the measure
    Would you know somebody who could help to achieve these goals ? (somebody who could have some experience)
    I have tried to do some search in my country but this is not so easy
    Thank you
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    There is some existing research on racquet swingweight and the effect on the racquet. I recommend searching for a set of articles by "Rod Cross," a physics professor who is/was also a tennis amateur. Here is a link to some of his articles: http://www.physics.usyd.edu.au/~cross/publications.html

    There is also a iPhone app that measures swing weight through a simple standard procedure using the built-in camera. It works based off the pendulum equation, but the use of the camera makes real-world measurement must more convenient. It only costs $0.99.
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