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Tensile Roof Membrane Analysis

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    Hi guys, i'm a student studying architecture and are required to create a model of a tensile structure, we've chosen the Busan Stadium in South Korea

    Tho i've never taken engineering class (just high school physics), so i'm unsure what category of tensile structure this stadium falls into, I've read quite some articles and research about tensile membrane, and found out that the roof was made with PTFE but i'm unsure how the load were to distribute, more research leads me to anticlastic and synclastic but i'm unsure which category the stadium falls into. I know that the membrane is being stretched in the construction process to give its rigidity. Anyone could give me a hint on what you all think the building's roof membrane is classified as? I'll be happy if anyone could point me how the load were to distribute.

    From this http://www.buildnova.com/buildnovav3/buildingsystems/TensileFabric/tensilefabric.htm" [Broken]

    i've found out that there's mainly 3 ways a tensile structure could be formed, and i'm guessing this stadium used the cone method?
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