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Homework Help: Tension and Force

  1. Oct 30, 2013 #1
    Two buckets of sand hand from opposite ends of a rope that passes over an ideal pulley. One bucket is full and weighs 118 N; the other is only partly filled and weighs 58 N. After the buckets are released and allowed to move what is the tension in the rope

    I drew a force diagram but all I have are the two forces that are given to me. I'm not sure what other forces I need to put in to solve this.
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    (1) use the template
    (2) show your work
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    Sum all forces in the y direction on your FBD(more than just 118 and 58). Just to be clear do you know what 118N and 58N are forces of? You will need to know this.
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    Call T the tension in the rope, and do a free body diagram on each of the buckets, along with a vertical 2nd law force balance on each of the buckets. Eliminate T between the two force balances. How are the accelerations of the two buckets related?
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