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Homework Help: Tension and Moment of Inertia

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    In an Atwood machine, one block has a mass of M1 = 490 g and the other has a mass of M2 = 290 g. The frictionless pulley has a radius of 5.1 cm. When released from rest, the heavier block moves down 65 cm in 1.15 s (no slippage).

    What is the tension T1?

    Find the pulley's moment of inertia.

    I found the magnitude of the acceleration of the lighter block (9.83×10-1 m/s^2 ) and the magnitude of the angular acceleration of the pulley (1.93×101 rad/s^2 ) but why can't I find the other 2 answers....HELP!!!

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    Tension is a perpendicular torque on the pulley
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