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Homework Help: Tension bag of cement problem

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    A bag of cement of weight 300 N hangs from three wires as suggested in Figure P5.18. Two of the wires make angles 1 = 50.0° and 2 = 23.0° with the horizontal. If the system is in equilibrium, find the tensions in the wires.


    I am not sure how to do this problem and I am having a lot of problems with tensions in general. If someone could help me start this problem it would be appreciated.
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    Note that wire 3 supports the cement bag alone; what must the tension in it be?
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    I thought so, in which case it would be 300N. As far as the other two tensions, I am still at a loss.
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    break the other two tensions into components
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    Ok I figured out how to solve it, thanks for the help
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