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B Tension calculations.

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    I am tasked to find the tensions of two wires by calculating the "magnitude of the vector" in a highschool physics/precalc class. I have tried working out the equation in several ways but they all end up in an unsolvable format. So, in reference to the picture, A = 35 degrees, B= 30 degrees and sides a and b symbolize the magnitude or tension on two vectors when holding a 1200 lbs weight from a level position. I am given no other information. 1461943737818.jpg
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    I have found that x = (-ycos35/cos150) no? And I tried substituting it into a few equations I worked out. I feel im in the WAY wrong direction here and common sense is failing me.
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    I realize this is a simple problem but my application of angle theorem and vector analysis is limited so far.
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    Some people told me pythagorean theorem is that simple but i figured tension would be different from magnitude
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