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Homework Help: Tension, Force, and theta

  1. Oct 1, 2007 #1
    I have a conceptual problem i can't seem to understand how to derive an equation for theta. Here is what i have so far

    Diamgram: L=50m (delta) Y= .20m
    A bird sits on a wire whos length is = to 50m the bird acts on the wire and (delta) Y= -.20m. Assuming the bird rests in the middle of the wire, find (theta) and total tension. (Ft)
    First equation used. VISUAL |--------O---------|
    Its hard to tell by the diagram i created but the bird breaks the wire into components of X and y, so its basicly a Vector problem to solve for Theta but i would like to know how to derive to actually solving for theta that would be helpfull. I give an example below as to what i need help with.
    Solve for Ft and Theta (which in the diagram is the angle left of the bird or (O) at which it sits.
    Which i then reform to Ft=(MG/2sine)
    by setting Fy=O FtLy+FtRy+mg(y)=0
    solve for FT
    is my final equation to solve for Ft

    Now that thats how far i have gotten. What i need to know is how do i derive an equation for Theta. I have no freaking clue :D
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    you want theta?

    Then, just use simply trignometry

    tan theta = y/x
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