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Homework Help: Tension Force Help

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    Im in APB as a Juniors, my teacher just teaching us about Static Forces. One of his problems has to do with Tension Forces but before he could actually show us a true example of tension force, the bell rings, so im not really sure how to do this problem at all.

    The Question
    A 50 [N] block is suspended by two ropes. One horizontal to the right. The other at 45 degree angle upwards to the left. What is the tension in each rope?

    I know there's not an equaion for Tension but my teacher did say something about each side having to be equilibrium of each other.

    Well this is what i got so far..
    (I don't have a picture but ill describe it)
    -I drew a small block represented 50 [N] and then drew one line horizontally and the other upward, making the angel look like an obtuse. Then place the 45 degrees in the angel position.

    Sorry if it doesn't seem like im making an effort, im just really confused.
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    Start with splitting the tension in the angled rope into vertical (y) and horizontal (x) components.

    Now if the block is in equilibrium, then the sum of the forces in the x direction is zero. The sum of the forces in the y direction is also zero.

    After you've split the angled tension into 'x' and 'y' components, what are the forces acting in the 'y' direction (tell me if up or down as well) and what are the forces in the 'x' direction (left or right)?
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