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Tension forces

  1. Sep 14, 2003 #1
    ok so im taking physics and have NO clue whatsoever what we are doing..... how do you calculate the tension forces using acceleration an free body diagrams?
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    Hi barbieprincess,

    You should post calls for homework help in the Homework Help Zone, available on the site's main page.

    Also, there really isn't enough information in what you've said -- tensions and accelerations -- for anyone to actually be able to help you.

    Why don't you post some specific problems that you have been unable to solve, along with your thoughts on how to solve them? We'll try to help you through their solutions.

    - Warren
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    ok thank you! im new to the site and i dont know what im doing. i just need some help! ill try the homework help section and post the problem. thanks again!
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