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Medical Tension headaches

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    Whenever I do my dishes, I start having tension headaches, do any of you know how my headache can be related to doing dishes? Btw, I have those headaches daily after 2 hours I wake up for 1.5 hours. Its like a rule.
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    Headaches can be a sign of alergy reaction. For example chocolate gives some people headaches.

    Try exposing yourself to the detergant without doing dishes to see if you can pin it down, if not go see your Dr if you're worried.

    On the other hand you could just be allergic to doing housework, for example ironing gives me hives :wink:

    EDIT: Having persistant head aches should worry you anyway, go see a Dr to be on the safe side.
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    well lets just say that is not a feasable option right now. THe best I can do is go see my school nurse. Allergy makes sense but what I dont get is how can someone by allergic to doing housework? I may be but isnt that totally psychological? Isnt it like the person who cant turn left in zoolander?
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    hehe I was joking I don't think anyone could be allergic to housework, but they may pretend they are to get out of it.:smile:

    You are a US resident yes? I often forget that not everyone gets free healthcare, see what the nurse says.

    I'm sure you can go to certain sites and ask medical questions for free also.

    I'll ask around myself, I work in a hospital, may take a while.

    Apparently people can get headaches from taking too much pain medicines such as asparin too.
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    I actually NEVER take medicine, I try to live naturally.
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    Well I asked around, mostly neurology specialist nurses, and they suggested the same cause as mine, they also suggested seeing a Dr, I got the impression they were a bit mistified.

    Not sure if your reading these threads at the moment, but if this is a continuous problem then in the long term you need a more effective place to find out why this is happening, without someone seeing and treating you personally, the advice I or anyone else can give is likely to be somewhat uninformed even by a specialist.

    Headaches have too many causes to get a commonplace diagnosis from a forum.

    Good luck anyway :smile:
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    Since tension headaches often come from muscle spasms, is it possible that doing dishes causes you a lot of stress for some reason? What are you thinking about while you do dishes?

    I am not a doctor, but I know that although tension headaches can be treated naturally with meditative breathing and massage, they can be alleviated much more quickly with a mild muscle relaxer. Even though you are trying to live naturally, taking medicine for two or three days can get rid of those spasms (if that is what is causing it). Of course, they would have to be prescribed by a physician.

    Also, are you sure that it is washing the dishes, or just a cooincidence?
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