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B Tension into electricity

  1. Jun 9, 2016 #1
    can anybody tell me how to transfer tension energy into electricity, new project i am doing is to do with, if the force of rain can be transferred somehow using a tensioned material. (like a solar panel) and if so is it possible to actually create energy off of this and turn it into electricity to power a house, the panels could be used for rain, hail, wind and snow. this could be the new future of britain we dont get much sun you see.
    i have already built half a prototype i just need a little help on how the panel could work.
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    Could you place as magnet surrounded by a coil of wire on a tube with the magnet attached to the bottom of a stretchable sheet that the rain would hit and then electricity could be generated. This would only work I imagine in heavy rain where large and frequent oscillations are common, but still it may not provide much and so having several small units of magnet, wire and sheet may provide higher currents. This is just an idea and it may not work. Hope this helps.
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    There's the piezoelectric effect, but I doubt you could get enough power from rain and other weather effects to make it worth it.
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