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Tension is cords

  1. Feb 21, 2008 #1
    A loudspeaker of mass 17.0 kg is suspended a distance of h = 1.80 m below the ceiling by two cables that make equal angles with the ceiling. Each cable has a length of l = 3.30 m.

    What is the tension in each of the cables?

    Tried mg sintheta^2+mgcostheat^2=c^2 but no dice.

    Anyone know anything?

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    The tension forces point along the wires. Call their magnitude T and split them into horizontal and vertical components. The horizontal components cancel and the sum of the vertical components should cancel the mg force on the speaker.
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    The two (similar in magnitude tensions) and the weight form a triangle. If theta is the angle between the cables and the ceiling then the angle between the two tension vectors in the triangle is two times theta.
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