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Homework Help: Tension Issue

  1. Sep 10, 2006 #1
    The horizontal beam in Fig. 11-25 weighs 170 N, and its center of gravity is at its center.


    (a) Find the tension in the cable.
    641.66 N
    (b) Find the horizontal and vertical components of the force exerted on the beam at the wall.
    513.33 N (to the right)
    ? N (upwards)

    Any tips on how I would get the upward component of the force?
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    If you sum the forces in the horizontal direction you will have two unknowns, the horizontal component of tensions and the horizontal reaction force on the beam.

    The exact same thing can be said about the vertical forces...

    This leaves you with, three unknowns because you can relate the tension in the vertical to the tension in the horizontal given the geometry in this problem.

    To get one more equation, I would sum moments using the wall as a base point.

    If you are looking for a more detailed response, show some work next time.

    In the end you will have 3 equations and 3 unknowns, all of which are linear equations and can be solved many ways.
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