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Tension of space-time

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    This is not a homework question. I'm 41 and have recently become interested in physics but have no background in the field. My question is this:

    Does General Relativity account for tension in Space-Time?

    That is, when space-time becomes extremely vast, where there is very little matter (mass) would the tension of space-time be so weak that the introduction of the smallest mass, say a helium atom cause a large gravity well (curvature)? And inversely, would the tension of space-time be so great at the quantum level as to not create a gravity well (curvature) at all?

    Another question is, if electromagnetism can be both positive and negative and subatomic particles can have a positive and negative spin (given strong and weak nuclear forces), then why doesn't gravity and General Relativity have an inverse function?

    Or am I a complete dolt... could anti-gravity account for the strange behavior of particle physics or super-tension of space-time?

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    Vanadium 50

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    Re: Tension

    Tension? I think you are using a word in a way it normally isn't. Can you maybe explain more what you mean?
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    Re: Tension

    No it's not that way. Many people ask such questions due to the rubber sheet analogy.
    that's why spacetime is hypothetical and the rubber sheet is a real analogy.

    Because there are no two things about gravity, it only attracts.And "inverse function" isn't the correct usage, it is negative
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