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Tension on cable

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    I have a homework problem I can't understand:
    A 125-N sign is supported by a lightweight pole and cable as shown in the diagram. What is the tension in the cable?

    the diagram resembles |>
    the | is a wall, the top of > is the cable and the bottom is the pole, and the sign hangs from point at the right.
    The pole makes a 40 degree with the wall, and the cable is 50 degrees, so where the pole and cable meet is a right angle.

    can anyone give a hint on how to solve that?
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    Writing down the equaions of equilibrium might help. Pardon me, must help.
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    Step 1: Draw a Picture, label everything you know. Make assumptions. cable is tension, pole is compression.

    Step 2: Sum the forces in x and y
    Step 3: Solve equations.
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