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Homework Help: Tension or Compression

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    The figure shows a weight W supported by two light rigid rods P and Q. The rods are smoothly hinged to the wall and mounted in the same vertical plane. Which rod is in compression , is in tension?

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    Doc Al

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    Show what you've done so far and where you got stuck.
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    I can't think anything....
    Actually, compression means the force towards the wall?
    Can you give me some hints to start with the question....
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    Doc Al

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    "Compression" means that there's an inward force pushing on the ends of the rod; "tension" means there's an outward force on the rod.

    This is a problem in static equilibrium.
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    Can you show me how to solve this question...
    I really can't solve it
    or please give me some hints to guide me to finish it ,thanks...
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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi tonald! Welcome to PF! :smile:

    Hint: use good ol' Newton's second law on the peg (or whatever it is) where the two rods meet …

    it isn't moving, and there are three forces on it, so they … ? :smile:
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