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Homework Help: Tension Problem

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    Ok - I was helping a friend out and was helping her with a problem but im not sure if i was right.
    A girl is pulling three blocks with a rope at a force of 6 N . There is two more strings between each block. The first block weighs 0.5 N the second block weighs 1.5N the third block weighs 1 N. Ignore friction. What is the amount of tension on each rope? :confused:
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    Sorry i made a mistake the weight of the blocks are meant to be in kilograms not N .
    lol idiot me...
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    The force on the rope between the first and second blocks is 5N
    And the force on the rope between the second and third blocks is 2N.

    I hope that helps
    If you need the steps to get the answers, just ask.
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    The unit of weight IS Newton, though..
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    hey... how'd u do it?

    thanks much
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