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Homework Help: Tension question

  1. Mar 2, 2005 #1
    okay . so here's the deal . i get off an airplane an hour ago , and come right to school . when i get here i find out i have one and a half hours to complete a take home quiz that was given out yesterday . the only problem is that i wasn't in class for that lecture yesterday . and since i just got off a plane , my text book is at home . so i'm hoping somebody on here will have pity on me and help me out with this question .

    there is a picture of a right angle triangle that sort of looks like this

    / |
    / |
    /___| but slopier . and on top of it there is a brick [t] with a directional arrow pointing up the slope .

    the question reads .

    calculate the tension in the rope pulling up the slope if the block is moving up the ramp, and is getting faster at the rate of 0.455 ms^-2 . express your answers as a multiple or fraction of the block's weight . the coefficient of the static friction is 0.4 , and the coefficiant of kinetic friction is 0.5 . draw a clear , clearly labelled force diagram .

    now , i'm not asking for an answer [ although if somebody wanted to give me one , i'd be cool with it ] . but somebody that could tell me what to do would be a giant help . thanks .

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    Now, that's about the lamest excuse I've heard at PF!
    Here's what you should do:
    List your thoughts about how to proceed.
    People will help you then, not sooner.
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