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Homework Help: Tension, Teeth, and Force?

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    Tension, Teeth, and Force???

    The drawing below shows an elastic cord attached to two back teeth and stretched across a front tooth. The purpose of this arrangement is to apply a force to the front tooth. (The figure has been simplified by running the cord straight from the front tooth to the back teeth.) If the tension in the cord is 1.3 N, what are the magnitude and direction of the force applied to the front tooth?


    I'm completely stumped, I've tried every equation I know of. I'm sure the answer is obvious but right now I think I'm thinking too hard.
    Help please? :cry:
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    Re: Tension, Teeth, and Force???

    Welcome to PF.

    You have a drawing, but make a force diagram and resolve the tension with respect to the components of each side. Then add up the x and add up the y components. Whatever they add to is the resulting force.
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    Re: Tension, Teeth, and Force???

    I've drawn out roughly four or five and none of them seem to be working. I only have 3 attempts left on this problem (It's an online assignment). Any tips?
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    Re: Tension, Teeth, and Force???

    I GOT IT! Finally! Thanks for your time! =)
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