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Homework Help: Tension Troubles

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    Hey, I have heard a few things about tension I am unsure about and would like to check. Is it true if there is a string hanging with both ends and the same mass on each the tension is equal to the mass of one of the weights times gravity? (ex. on each end of hanging string and pulley 500N, so T=500N?) And then if there are masses of different weights the Tension is of the lighter mass?

    Also, if there were to be one string being pulled in opposite directions with the same force, the force is of one of them and not the sum of the two forces?

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    The answer to your first question is yes. You can best show it by drawing a free body diagram of the system -- that shows how the tension in the string balances each mass' weight. Here is a PF thread that may help to clarify the situation for you:

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    Okay! Thanks, finally a click! Things make sense! :) I have been trying to put together different parts and see it now.
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