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Homework Help: Tensional force help

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    A ball hangs from a string on the rear view mirror of a car. The car is accelerating, causing the string to be at an angle theta with the vertical. If the car is accelerating at 1.0m/s2 and the mass of the ball is 4kg, what is the magnitude of the tension on the string, and at what angle is it?

    Fx) -T* Sin (theta) = MA
    Fy) T*Cos(theta) -w=0

    MA= 4 * 9.8 = 39.2
    W= 39.2 + (4 * 1.0)= 43.2
    Fx) -T * Sin (theta)= 39.2

    Fy) T * Cos (Theta) -43.2 = 0
    Fy) T * Cos (Theta) = 43.2

    Could somone point me in the right direction for the next step in finding T? I'm not very strong in math and I'm not sure were to go from here.
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    Doc Al

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    At this point, you're doing fine. I'm not sure what you were doing after that.

    Rewrite your equations like this:
    [tex]T \sin\theta = m a[/tex]
    [tex]T \cos\theta = w = mg[/tex]

    To solve these two equations, try dividing one by the other. See what happens.
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    acceleration a = 1.0 m/s/s ...
    This "a" has ALMOST NOTHING to do with "g" = 9.8 N/kg !

    the weight = Force by gravity = mg , = T cos(theta) .
    T sin(theta) = m a .

    Try drawing a triangle of these components, and see what tan(theta) is ...
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    Thanks! Thats what I needed.
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