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Tensor Calculation

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    I have the following tensor and i need to reduce to a scalor quantity:
    3 by 3 matrix
    4150470.48 , 317.64, -353.42
    317.64, 2047101.07,-1407556.61
    -353.42, -1407566.61, 2284136.55

    Please its urgent and any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    First, a matrix is NOT a tensor- just as a sequence of numbers is not a vector. A matrix can represent a tensor but you have to have some tensor space structure and you haven't told us HOW that matrix represents a tensor (i.e. what basis you are using).

    The simplest way derive a single number from a matrix is the contraction- in terms of a matrix representation, it is just the "trace": add the numbers on the main diagonal. But surely there is more to this than just getting some number from the matrix?
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    hey thanks for ur reply!
    I got these values from solidworks but for my wheel design i need a single value for the moment of inertia. The values i gave you represent Ixx Ixy Ixz and then Iyx Iyy Iyz and Izx Izy Izz. And it says these were taken from the outer coordinate system!. So its not just a matrix it is a tensor. Could you help me out with how to proceed with this problem !

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