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Tensor Calculus

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    I am trying to teach myself Tensor Calculus from a book. I am stuck. Websites and reading don't help. I need to see how the problems are actually done. Does anyone know of any videos or tutors that can help? Tried everything but no luck. At least if you can see a problem worked in class then you know what to do. Any suggestions?
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    What's your intended use--area of physics, or just, in general?
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    i found that until i saw what the equations meant in 'real' terms, i couldn't get any sort of a grasp on tensor calculus. working through the problems in D'Inverno's 'Introducing Einstein's Relativity' helped me understand.

    there was a small pdf i found somewhere on the web about common mistakes that people make when working with tensors. must try and see if i can find it.

    http://www.aapt-doorway.org/TGRU/articles/Moore%20GRArticle.pdf" [Broken]. section 3 and 4. i fell foul of some of the common pitfalls working with tensors myself.
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