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Tensor in fractal dimensions

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    Hey, first I want to say my English & Math aren't the best yet, so ill be glad to explain myself again if I'll need to :smile:

    I hope this question belongs to this section.

    I want to ask, is there today a way to do calculations about vectors above fractal dimension? (and I would like to know how if there is)
    I think I managed to create a Metric for the distances of 2 points in some fractals, but didn't get much forward.

    Thanking you in anticipation, Niv.
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    wow a lot of views :rolleyes:

    amm if there is someone who don't know, but thinks that if there was this kind of a thing he would have know, please write that 2.

    Do u think such a thing can be exist or there r theoretical limitation about it?

    but ill wait in patience o:)
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    Tensors are built from vector spaces, and the dimension of a vector space is defined as the cardinality of a basis, which must be a positive integer. I'm guessing the vector space dimension of a topological vector space matches its topological dimension in most cases, although I've never seen a proof of this.
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    How do I write and do calculation on those vectors?

    Can I describe a vector in a that belongs to a 2.5 dimension, in less then 3 coordinates?

    Do u know about cases which in the topological dimension don't much the space dimension?

    Thank u very much.
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