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Tensor index exercises

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    Dear all,
    I'm reading the GR book by Ray D'Inverno. I would like to do some additional exercises
    about tensors. I can get the Schaum Outline on tensors. Is there any other book or online resource where I can find additional exercises to get more familiar with tensor manipulations?


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    Thanks. But what I actually need is just a collection of exercises to work on.
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    http://www.teorfys.uu.se/people/minahan/Courses/SR/ [Broken]

    http://www.teorfys.uu.se/people/minahan/Courses/GR/ [Broken]

    You should be able to find plenty, with solutions and answers.
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    Thanks! That's right I had a look at the exam questions and there's always an exercise on tensors...
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    Tensor Analysis for Physicists by JA Schouten

    Tensor calculus by JL Synge and A Schild
    http://books.google.com/books?id=SjKoMuMdB4oC (the preview is messed up.. it seems mashed up with a book on hieroglyphics)

    The above books are written by relativists who were among to first emphasize the geometrical structure of relativity.

    A useful exercise is to derive the standard form of Maxwell Equations from the Electromagnetic Field Tensor.
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    Dear all,
    I am reading this book too (d'inverno)
    Do you know where can I find the solutions to its exercises?
    specially chapter6?
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    Thanks alot!
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