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Terco MV1100 Resistor bank

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    I was doing some test with the load bank today and I obtain a value which I don't quite understand.
    I supply a 400V Line to Line, 50Hz to a smart meter and to the resistor load bank. The measured value by the smart meter was 500W and -40Var with a current of 0.71A. As the current increases, the real power increases and the reactive power decreases further.

    I know that there is no such thing as ideal load but to have a negative reactive power does not make any sense.

    Please kindly advice. Thank you
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    Negative VARs just means a capacitive load.

    What doesn't make sense is so many VARs of either sign with just a smart meter and a resistor bank. There must be more to the story, something else in the setup that you didn't mention.
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    the setup was quite simple. I am taking supply from the main power grid into my microgrid and to my smart meter which is connected to the resistor bank.
    That's all for my setup
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    jim hardy

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    A couple of thoughts:

    1. Can i assume single phase ?

    500 watts and 40 vars is only 501.6 VA
    what is the advertised accuracy of your smart meter ? Do your discrepancies fall outside its guaranteed performance?

    2. With single phase 501.6VA at 400 volts is 1.254 amps not 0.71,
    1.254 divided by √3 = 0.723, within 2% of what you report measuring.
    So was my assumption of single phase perhaps wrong?

    3. There's an ambiguity in your description.
    By 'decreases' do you mean becomes a larger negative number as in moving toward -50, -60, -70 vars?

    4. If this is three phase recall that when PF = 1 the line current and line-line voltage are displaced by 30 degrees, which at first glance looks like a PF of about 0.87. That's why there's a two wattmeter method for measuring three phase power.
    If you are trying to measure three phase power with a single phase "smart meter", it sounds to me like everything is behaving pretty much as it should.

    5. So, what's your "smart meter" ? Got a link to its instruction manual ? And a sketch of your hookup?
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    By 'decreases' do you mean becomes a larger negative number as in moving toward -50, -60, -70 vars?
    Yes, that's what i meant.

    I am using ABB A44 meter.

    544W is total power for all 3 phase. single phase voltage is 230V. Current for Phase A is 0.71A. Power for 1 phase is 178W.

    Total reactive power is -38.94. Phase A reactive power is -15.55 Var, Phase B is -4.92 Var and Phase C is -18.46 VAr
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