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Homework Help: Terminal speed lab

  1. Sep 6, 2008 #1
    one way to determine how the terminal speed depends on the mass of an object is to observe the motion of flat-bottomed coffee filters falling vertically toward a motion sensor. My teacher told me we will do 3 sets of test. first one is with 1 filter, second with 2 stacked filters, and 3rd one with 3 stacked filters and see if there are difference in the time it takes to reach the sensor

    #1 formulate an appropriate question for this investigation
    so I wrote
    does the mass of a object of same shape increase the time it takes to reach towards the sensor?

    #2 Write your hypothesis to answer the question

    so my answer to my question was
    increase in mass increases the time it takes to reach the sensor.(i dont know how to explain this :( )

    Did i do this right?
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    For #1, you might consider changing the word "increase" to "change".

    For #2, consider the following questions:

    How are the forces acting on the object after it has reached terminal velocity related to each other?

    How is object's weight related to its mass?
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