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Homework Help: Terminal Speed

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    with a terminal speed of 0.2 mm/s. The particle has a mass of 10^-10 g and a retarding force of the form bv. What is the value of b? i converted everything to SI and i got -4.905e-08 kg/s but it is wrong.. am i close?

    another question...

    A bicyclist travels in a circle of radius 26 m at a constant speed of 7.44 m/s. The combined mass of the bicycle and rider is 95 kg.

    The force of friction exerted on the bike from the road is 202 N but i need to find the total force exerted by the road on the bike. I thought it would be 202 + mg (normal force) which would be 1130. but that is not right. then i tried just normal force so i did 95 * 9.81 and i got 932. and that is wrong too!
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    2nd part: I may be wrong here, but because force is a vector quantity, and since the normal force and friction do not act in the same direction, you cannot simply add to find the total force.
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