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Terminal Velocity of a cue ball

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    Not quite the right term as this is a question about acceleration and transfer of energy.
    If You hit a cue ball slowly, it will continue to roll after it hits the billiard ball. However if you hit the cue ball quickly it will come to a complete stop.
    if you accelerate from 0 to 100 in 5 seconds it will use far more petrol than if ou do it in 10 seconds. So the faster something accelerates the more energy it requires to get it going.
    So is there a terminal velocity whereby if two objects hit like the billiard balls, whereby the transfer of energy is conteracted by the acceleration required. So the speed at which the moving object is so great that to accelerate the other object, actually cancels out most of the energy transfer.
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    Unless this is the kind of thing you talk about in your spare time (I hope not), you're in the wrong forum.

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    I am not a professional pool player.
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